Our Purpose

Indian Hemp Association is a non-profit trade association representing Indian Hemp and Cannabis companies, investors, farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers and supporters. We promote the legalization, research, education and impact investment in sustainable and scalable Indian Hemp & Cannabis projects.

Industrial Indian Hemp Association

Our Philosophy

We believe in karma and that what goes around comes around. We love our planet and want to do all we can to protect it, to keep it beautiful, to re-establish the legal status of our sacred plant and to harness its miraculous giving powers so that every human being in the world is blessed with abundance of nourishment, medicines, clothes, shelter, education and economic growth opportunities. Our focus is to produce products from Indian Hemp and Cannabis that are not only natural and good for the humanity, but also good for the environment.

Let us make our goals more, explicit-
  • We seek the dignity of our sacred plant, which necessarily implies creation of social, economic and political conditions which would allow every human being the freedom to involve herself or himself in cultivation and utilization of the Indian Hemp and Cannabis to benefit themselves, their family and society at large; we seek the harmony of individual efforts and social, economic and political relationships, not in any makeshift way, but within the frame-work of Moral Order; we seek the creative art of life that the sacred plant offers, by alchemy of which limitations are progressively transmuted, so that humans become their best selves, help create a beautiful society and protect the planet we live in

   Our mission is to sprinkle good vibes everywhere! Please join us...