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Educate | Elevate | Celebrate

Indian Hemp Association is collaborating with some of the world’s leading Hemp and Cannabis education centers to create large scale learning opportunities for farmers, producers and investors in India.

Grow Like A Pro

Indian Hemp Association is collaborating with some of the worlds leading Hemp and Cannabis growers and processors to bring the latest technology in cultivation and processing to India.

Let’s do what’s right and let’s get our rights

Indian Hemp Association is working alongside organizations that are promoting utilization of Hemp across India.

Cannabis has been used since ancient times in India, dating back to 2000 BCE. The cannabis plant has been mentioned as one of the five sacred plants in the Vedas, the oldest Hindu scriptures compiled in between 2000 and 1400 B.C.

The attempt at criminalizing a plant is More… harmful to the society then the plant it self.

Shantanu Mishra, a believer in “what has not yet happened is the only thing that we need to dedicate ourselves to achieving, if we commit all our resources to it and keep moving in the same direction, we will make new things happen.” Keep the positive thought. It will reverberate.